At Regent Park, we have an outstanding team of people with many years of experience in

real estate to serve you:


Xen Taam,  Managing Broker / Manager

Xen has been with the company since 1994 and accumulated over 27 years of real estate experience. Before becoming the managing broker, he is an award-winning realtor and a member of the Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver Medallion Club for 14 years.
Cellular: 604-506-0886
 Email: [email protected]


 Office Support

At the heart of our office are these full-time staff members. These ladies have combined their experience to better assist you.


Judy Ho is our front desk administrator, who handles all MLS listings.
Email: [email protected] 


Helena Ng is our office administrator who handles the accounting.
Email: [email protected] 


Florence Lin is our conveyancer who handles all our conveyancing.

Email: [email protected]